Meet the Man behind the Magistrate Mastermind Course

I'm Ibrahim Awad

I have been practicing law for over 10 years as a licensed attorney in Georgia and I realize that there are many cases that come to me that are sometimes too small to warrant, or to justify the expense or the cost that clients have to pay to take on. Maybe, another party hit their car and there's $5000 in damages. The cost of retaining an attorney is gonna be between 2500- $3500 if they wanted to file a lawsuit in Magistrate Court, which in Georgia is called Small Claims Court,

It just doesn't make sense for a client to pay a lawyer $3500 to recoup 5000. That doesn't make a lot of sense and that's the possibility of winning, not a certainty of winning. On the flip side, attorneys may not take that case on a contingency fee because there's just too much risk, too little reward.

So what I found is clients end up being extremely dissatisfied because they don't wanna cough up that much money on the front end. And on the flip side, lawyers don't want to take on that case on a contingency fee because it's too small. Ok. So there really exists no avenue, no path for the client to pursue this small claim. Mostly because people are afraid of the court system. Even though you don't have to be an attorney to file a claim in small claims court, most people will avoid it like the Black Plague.

With that in mind, I decided to create a course that addresses this issue where the case is too small for attorneys to take and the general public doesn't want to pay thousands of dollars to get the case filed. Why not teach individuals that are not lawyers how to file a lawsuit on their own and file a claim in magistrate court? That's really the reason I created this course. It's a couple $100 investment, but a couple $100 is a lot less than a couple $1000 and most people by weighing the pros and cons will say, you know, yeah, I'll invest a couple $100 and learn to do it myself rather than forfeit my right to bring forth a claim and get justice on my issue.

That's the reason that this course was built and it really satisfies my desire of helping the public.  I just wasn't happy that I wasn't able to help a large segment of the population who could not afford my services and it didn't sit well with me that I had to say to them, "Well, I can't take your case on a contingency fee either because that would not be a prudent business decision." Finally there's an answer for so many people that didn't know what to do!



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"Ibrahim is a wonderful colleague and is the epitome of confidence"

- Attorney Cherese Clark

"Ibrahim is intelligent, articulate and personable. A great advocate for his clients and I wholeheartedly endorse him!"

- Musa Ghanayem

"I'm so glad I found this course. It was everything I needed to represent myself in small claims court."

- Noah Osuna